The raw house is installed directly

The raw house is installed directly

After wall-based products using environmentally-friendly materials in coarse-grained homes are on the market, the market has become more active. The integrated wall becomes a new topic in the field of construction. However, consumers still have many questions about this product. We have collected some common questions.

1. What is integrated wall?

The wall panel is an environmentally friendly building material that is heat-insulating, moisture-proof, soundproof and has a luxurious appearance.

2. How wall structure integrated?

It is environmentally friendly, light weight, easy to assemble.

3. Is it harmful to humans?

The integrated wall is environmentally friendly, all components are environmentally friendly, contain no toxic substances such as paints, foams, do not smell strange, no carbon emissions.

4. Where does the integrated wall fit?

Integrated wall is a wall decoration material, the current can be used any interior wall and roof. Can be used for kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, children’s bathroom, gym room … Also suitable for any other decoration.

5. What are the characteristics of the integrated wall?

The integrated wall can be heat-insulated, soundproof, waterproof, hygienic, easy to clean, long life, quick installation and easy to protect the environment, fashionable style can be used a lot of times.

6. Compared to traditional paints and other decorative materials, what advantages does it have? Does it cost anything?

Compared with the paint, the integrated walls really remove the fumes completely, no smell installs easier and faster. Installation is possible immediately, no need to handle the air. On the surface to keep moisture, higher moisture, easy to clean, handle longer life expectancy. In terms of price, the higher the price, the lower the price compared to premium paint. But the integrated wall has a much lower cost of decoration, which only costs material and rough installation costs. In general, after finishing wall decoration is clearly more cost-effective.

7. How effective is the wall?

Decorative effect of the integrated wall is not different from the figure shown. After finishing decorations will help the walls become more classy luxury. You can also choose according to your preference to decorate, choose the Chinese style, the antique style, European style, traditional … What style can be made.

8. If 2 years later I moved house, so there is no waste?

No, the integrated wall is reusable. You can remove the original decor and use it again, without spending too much money. Although many years later, your home was demolished, integrated walls can also be reused.

9. Is the decoration complex? Two months later, I’ll get married, will not I?

No complicated, integrated wall is mounted directly on the wall, no need to plaster, smooth sanding surface, flat surface. Fast installation, very suitable wedding room decoration. With an area of 100m2, just over half a month to complete and can enter immediately. You just need a carpenter, high efficiency that style is very romantic, the time a month is more than enough.

10. Tường tích hợp có dùng được trên nóc trần không?

Can my house be soaked with water? Can be integrated wall can be used anywhere in the house as long as not the ground. Used on the roof not only waterproof but also can be soundproof, thermal insulation, especially suitable for families living on the highest floor. Decoration will help to insulate. It is more advantageous in those areas.

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