10 advantages of the product

10 advantages of the product

1. Pragmatism: The price is durable, the price is equivalent to the medium-length paper used longer.

2. Periodicity: Disassembled to easily reuse the company’s unique components, all materials can be removed for reuse, cost savings.

3. Wide scope: Suitable for use in family hotel, leisure place, laundry plate, office, kitchen, toilet, school, hospital, gymnasium, commercial center, lab …

4. Periodicity: The product does not contain benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia and radiation free, does not pollute health protection, conforms to national environmental standards, no strange smell after assembly, can stay right, really is environmental protection products.

5. Security: Realistic, flat, 3D stereoscopic, stranded, marble, fabric, wood. Effective as real, true colors, beautiful images. The effect is more decorative than wood, stone paint, wall paint, paper and other traditional. The product samples are rich in color, combined with decorative strings, can be changed, coordinated style according to the requirements of Chinese customers, traditional, simple modern, European style or style. elegant style, attractive variety.

6. Toxicity: The use of bamboo, microcrystalline powder, polymeric film, advanced international technology, one-time heat exchanger containing no benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia and other toxic substances and thermal insulation properties.

7. Stability: Waterproof, anti-mold, anti-termite. It is heat-resistant, anti-weather, anti-aging, heat retention can be used in harsh environment, large temperature difference, no deformation, breakage, high stability.

8. Comfortable: Easy to wash, difficult to deformation, anti-dust oil level state, easy to clean stains with sharp edges, wash water does not deform the product.

9. Calculate the system: The marble product, system integration, easy assembly, convenient advantage over traditional products.

10. Safety: The product can be “used in long-term water” and non-torn.

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